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Jobs in Portugal, Europe

Pacifico HR Consultancy is one of the best HR consultancies in Dubai, UAE for jobs in Poland, Portugal and other European countries.

How to find Jobs in Poland?

Before finding jobs in Poland, let’s know some facts about Poland. The Republic of Poland, is a country in Central Europe. It is divided into 16 administrative areas called voivodeships, covering an area of ​​312,696 km2 (120,733 square miles).

With more than 38 million inhabitants, Poland is the fifth most populous member of the European Union. Warsaw is the capital and largest city of the country. Other big cities are Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk and Szczecin.

Poland’s economy and gross domestic product (GDP) are currently the sixth largest in the European Union in nominal terms and the fifth largest in purchasing power parity. It is also one of the fastest growing in the coalition.

About 61% of the workforce belongs to the tertiary services sector, 31% belongs to industry and manufacturing, and the remaining 8% belongs to agriculture. Although Poland is a member of the EU single market, it does not adopt the euro as legal tender and holds its own currency, the Polish złoty (zł, PLN).

Poland is a popular destination for many when it comes to moving abroad or looking for a job. Working in

Poland has several advantages :

  • Being the sixth largest economy by GDP in the European Union
  • No language barrier – Poland’s job markets are attractive for multilinguals.
  • Ranks 8th as the best country for female workers
  • Low cost of living in comparison to other European countries
  • Great healthcare based on an all-inclusive insurance system

Jobs in Demand: The most sought after jobs in Poland include builders, welders, butchers, electricians, bartenders, cooks, architects and housekeepers.

Easy to find Jobs in Poland?

We, Pacifico HR Consultancy facilitate candidates to find jobs in Poland. Our partner companies send their job requirements and we find best candidates for them. You can always trust us to find best job for your career in Poland, Europe.

With the proper and professional guidance to our candidates from day one to final day of departure, your journey to Poland, Europe is quite easier. Not only that, we take care of our candidates after reaching to Poland as well.

Pacifico HR has the reputation of loyalty, trust and transparency. We follow code of ethics which bind us to be one of the best HR Consultancy in Dubai, UAE.

How to find jobs in poland


Electrician Jobs in Poland

  • Install and repair outdoor/indoor electrical systems in compliance with safety rules and regulations.
  • Need mechanical understanding of homes, businesses, factories and construction sites electrical systems, can read and interpret blueprints, and need to be friendly.

Kitchen Helper Jobs in Poland

  • You are primarily responsible for keeping your kitchen clean and helping with food preparation.
  • Prepare the ingredients for the cook, make sure the ingredients and fixtures are well stocked, and clean the kitchen after daily use.
  • Should understand and follow the instructions from chef.

Vegetable Packer Jobs in Poland

  • The vegetable packer is responsible for cleaning the vegetables, properly assembling them to prevent spoilage, weighing and labeling the vegetables.
  • Basic business knowledge, ability to follow instructions, strong communication skills, polite and hard worker.

Meat production Jobs in Poland

  • Should be responsible for ensuring that all required meat fillets are properly managed and packed so that they are ready to be shipped to the grocery store.
  • You need to have knowledge of hygiene procedures, waste management skills, and the willingness to work long hours on your feet.

Carpenter Jobs in Poland

  • Should be familier in furniture manufacturing process, need to understand blueprints and ensure that your products are ready on time and on budget and meet high quality standards.
  • Experience in production process, and have high communication skills.

Warehouse Jobs in Poland

  • Preparing and completing warehouse orders for delivery or pickup according to schedule.
  • Receiving and processing warehouse stock products, keep records of all.
  • Performing warehouse inventory controls and keeping quality standards high for audits.
  • Keep areas clean and arranged.