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Pacifico Human Resources Consultancies

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Pacifico Human Resources Consultancies is a specialized HR firm situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Dos & Don’t in the UAE

Dress Code

  • Residents and visitors should to dress modestly, especially in conservative neighborhoods and public venues.
  • Swimwear is permitted on private beaches and around private pools, but guests should dress appropriately otherwise.
  • Cross-dressing is illegal and can result in detention by the authorities.
  • In many regions, shorts and t-shirts are acceptable wear. When visiting mosques, religious sites, or older parts of town, however, both men and women may feel better at ease wearing loose-fitting clothing that covers their shoulders, arms, and legs.
  • When entering mosques, women are normally obliged to wear a headscarf.


  • Avoid beckoning or pointing with your finger.
  • If you need to make a hand motion, make it with your entire hand.
  • Making obscene hand gestures in public may result in incarceration.

In public

  • Being inebriated and rowdy in public is illegal and can result in a fine or worse. In the United Arab Emirates, drunk driving is not tolerated.
  • Photography should be done with caution, and you should always obtain permission before photographing a UAE national or resident, especially if the subject is a woman.
  • It is unlawful to drink in public, and it is also illegal to have alcohol or other illegal substances in your possession at any time.
  • Public shows of affection should be kept to a bare minimum — holding hands is fine, but kissing and hugging in public is not.
  • Disturbing the peace, using foul language, making obscene gestures, and disrespecting Dubai’s religion or leaders in any way are all prohibited and may result in legal action.

Invitations and interactions

  • Remove your shoes at the entryway if you are invited to a majlis.
  • Males and females may be guided to separate sections on occasion.
  • Accept food and refreshment if you’re enjoying a meal with your host before getting down to business.
  • It is customary for men to stand when a lady enters the room, especially for new guests and older or higher-ranking people.
  • It is crucial not to offer to shake hands with a Muslim member of the other sex unless they extend their hand first — both men and women (most usually women) may opt not to shake hands with the opposing sex for religious reasons.
  • It is normal to accept food and drink with your right hand, and you should likewise consume with this hand.
  • Avoid exposing your feet’s soles or pointing your foot towards anyone. Crossing your legs in front of an important guest is considered impolite.
  • If you’re entertaining Muslim guests, don’t provide them alcohol or pork.


  • Charitable fundraising and the promotion of charitable or humanitarian organizations can only be done through legally permitted channels after obtaining the necessary licenses.
  • Non-fasting residents and guests are expected to respect specific etiquette norms during Ramadan.
  • Drug usage or possession, cohabitation, sex outside of marriage, having a child out of wedlock, adultery, and homosexuality are all considered unlawful.

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