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Pacifico Human Resources Consultancy

Our Services for Candidates

Pacifico Human Resources Consultancy is a specialized HR firm situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Free HR consultation:

It could be that you require reassurance that you are acting appropriately, or that a job issue is more complicated than you first suspected. We hope that by providing you with one free 30-minute conversation, we will be able to demonstrate our knowledge and assist you in finding a best solution to your problem.

In most circumstances, the counsel we provide will enough; but, if your situation necessitates additional in-depth guidance, we can advise you on what your next steps should be. For genuine job seekers, Pacifico Human Resources Consultancy offers a free consultation.

Professional CV writing:

The average time an employer spends on a CV is 30 seconds. Those 30 seconds will determine the course of your processional career and destiny. Make sure your cv reflects your best qualities!

You can quadruple your chances of getting an interview call if you have a professionally prepared CV.

Pacifico Human Resources Consultancy may assist you in creating a professional CV and assisting you in your job search. Most CV writing services merely recycle your previous CV; however, Pacifico Human Resources Consultancy will provide you with a copy that has been thoroughly revised, reformatted, and keyword optimized. Our CV writers pay attention to your strengths and portray them beautifully on paper.

Listing your CV in our waiting list:

During the employment process, firms do not follow a specific procedure. Some corporations have specific protocols they must follow, while others take a more relaxed approach to candidate selection. Depending on the role and industry, the job application process will differ. Some organizations will conduct an interview and hire you within a few days. Other positions in other companies can take up to six months to fill, involving many interviews and pre-employment testing.

If you are applying for jobs, through Pacifico Human Resources Consultancy, our Human Resource Consultants verify your CV and record it in our system. When our valued clients send us job openings, our algorithm matches the pre-existing CVs and creates a short list for the interview.

As a result, we don’t just gather CVs and throw them away; instead, we scrutinize them and provide you many opportunities to appear for interviews.

Time to time information and notification:

As our algorithm matches the pre-existing CVs and creates a short list for the interview, we send notifications through email, for the reason, you have to include your correct email address in the CV.

Call for interview

After we find you are suitable for the position, we call you for the interview.

Interviews can be a source of anxiety. Some of the most common blunders and how to avoid them are listed below.

  • Not following up, following up too much, and arriving late to the interview are some of the most typical blunders job candidates make.
  • Hiring managers make mistakes when they lose their objectivity, allow social media to influence their decisions, or talk too much.
  • If you make a mistake, the best thing you can do is admit it fast and correct it.
  • Make sure you’re neat, well-groomed, and dressed correctly for the job you’re applying for. If you’re undecided, go for business attire rather than casual.
  • Throughout the process, be kind, professional, and pleasant to everyone you interact with, and remember to thank individuals for their time as you leave.
  • Be self-assured and secure in your abilities, but keep in mind that the interviewer has the upper hand, and you should respect that.
  • Last but not least, keep eye contact. While staring may make an interviewer uncomfortable, politeness dictates that the interviewer stare the speaker in the eyes with brief interruptions to look away.